A Trip Through Kanye's Past

Kanye's marriage is as public as it gets - but, remember these women from his past? 


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It all started with designer, Alexis Phifer. They were together, off and on, for six years and even got engaged - over a lobster and pasta dinner. But as we all know now, they weren't in it to win it.


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Next came his infamous relationship with Amber Rose. They were good at flying under the radar at the time, but things became nasty after they broke up. It seems we hear more about the pair, now, than we did when they were dating! Amber has been the subject of some of Kanye's notorious Twitter rants.

And now, of course, he's half of the most famous, most talked about, and probably, most self-absorbed relationship in the world. It's hard to go a day without hearing something about Kim & Kanye. They seem to be a match made in Hollywood heaven, but the real question is... will they last?


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