Patricia Arquette's Transgender Sister Outs Will & Jada Pinkett Smith As Gay

By Jason Marshall


Hollywood's Z-list is coming at Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith HARD today.

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Hours after actress Janet Hubert slammed the duo in response to Jada's Facebook diatribe against the Academy Awards, another piece of pop culture history has returned to the spotlight with an opinion of her own.

Alexis Arquette - who you might know as the sister of Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette and Courteney Cox's ex-husband, David - took to her own Facebook page on Tuesday and said some shocking things about Will's (alleged) secret sex life.


When Jada comes out as Gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in to him butt...

Posted by Alexis Arquette on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


"When Jada comes out as Gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in to him butt servicing his Sugar Daddy Benny Medina ..then I will listen to them. Will threw a fit on the set of Six degrees of seperation when he was required by the scene to kiss Anthony Rapp. He persuaded the director to shoot the back of his head in frame. Blocking the non existant lip lock entirely.Fuck him.Gays have enemies.They lurk in gilded closets.Outing is healthy.You are either with or against us.You decide.Today."

Fun fact: Alexis is transgender and tried to have a reality tv moment in 2006 on the final season of VH1's The Surreal Life

An even more fun fact: Benny Medina, who's name dropped above, is best known for managing Jennifer Lopez's career. His life's story was also the basis for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, because he had lived with Motown founder Berry Gordy's family in Los Angeles.



Now, we obviously can't confirm Arquette's colorful comments. And it's worth pointing out that this isn't the first time she's talked about other people's sex lives in public.

This past January she told Frontiers Media that she once had sex with Jared Leto before her transition.

"And, yes," she added, "it’s not only massive; it’s like a Praetorian Guard’s helmet."

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You'll have to stay tuned to see if the Suicide Squad star and his wife even acknowledge the statement.




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