Amber Rose: Who Was Her Best Match?

Amber Rose became famous when she dated Kanye West. The pair's flirtation started in 2008 and their relationship came to an end in 2010. It seemed relatively smooth until Kanye started dating Kim Kardashian. Amber and Kanye launched into a full on war on Twitter, with Amber lashing out against the Kardashians.

Next up for Amber was Wiz Khalifa, who became her husband and the father of her son. They dated for three years and were married, but not for long. The marriage ended after only a year and the split was rough. A glance through the couple's personal pictures makes it clear that they've put all that behind them though. Wiz recently talked about Amber in an interview with Bootleg Kev, saying, "It's not hard man, I love Amber. I'm always gonna love her, and I got her back and she got mine. When that's what it all boils down to, that's it."

Most recently, she's been dating Terrence Ross. They've been together since March and have been showy about their relationship since the beginning with constant selfies, posts, and PDA. They seem to have a good relationship for now, but we think it's a fling.

So that leaves Kanye and Wiz. Her relationship with Kanye is completely toxic. We love that she and Wiz have gotten to a better place and that their now-platonic relationship is one of mutual respect. We can see them getting back together in the future.

Our best match verdict for Amber Rose? Wiz Khalifa. 


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