Amy Adams Reveals She Tried To Elope But Got Too Drunk!

What could be more fun than a secret elopment? How about indending to elope but then having too much fun drinking to be able to go through with it?

This is especially fun when you realize it's one of the classiest ladies in Hollywood we're talking about. Amy Adams, you wildcard you, we didn't think you had it in you!

This enchanting enigma revealed the story to Marie Claire UK. "We wanted to find a chaplain, go to the desert and get married at sunset," she said. "But to be honest, we got too drunk. Then it was just not going to happen."

So when was this and who was the almost-lucky guy? E! News reports It was almost a decade ago in 2008, with the same man she eventually married last year, Darren Le Gallo. It took the lovebirds 14 years and 1 little one before they made it official.

We are happy for their true lovestory, and thankful she shared it for this Friday Funday!



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