Another Blonde Bombshell For DiCaprio

It seems a right of passage; if you are a stunning blonde in Hollywood, you must make the rounds with Leonardo DiCaprio.


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It's hard to tell his women apart one from the next, they just keep getting taller, blonder and hotter. The photo above is his ex Kelly Rohrbach.  Just last weekend in London, he took four blondes home after a night of partying!  He definitely has a type. Science seems to suggest we all do.


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(DiCaprio's ex Tori Garrn)

A study done by Laura Germine of Massachusetts General Hospital found that when you're in a relationship and you have positive experiences as a couple, "you may come to find 'that person's facial characteristics more attractive, and then other people who look similar to them become more attractive to you." I'm guessing Leonardo has had plenty of positive experiences with such beautiful blondes that he can't help but getting drawn back in for more!

Maroon 5's Adam Levine is another perfect example of someone that is attracted to a certain type.


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Each of his love interests have seemed to eat nothing but salads, have legs for days, model, and make every other woman in America feel a little worse about herself. Let's start with wife Behati Prinsloo who is a longtime runway model for Victoria's Secret. His exes include Nina Agdal, Anne Vyalitsyna and Angela Bellotte. All stunning models, who make Adam look even sexier when they're on his arm.

Women have a type that's been given to us by nature, and it's a problem! Women are naturally attracted the the cheating, narcissistic alpha male.


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Why? Nature is telling you he has stronger sperm. According to Above Top Secret, "procreation with an alpha male will give her offspring the necessary genes to survive and be competitive." There was a study done by Behavior Brain Science that evaluated West Point cadets and followed them over a 50-year period of time. The study revealed that the rank they achieved correlated to their facial features dominance. Woman are attracted to these dominant facial features because they associate those features with someone who is able to take care of them both physically and financially.

The is good news is once you pick a partner, their traits become even more attractive to you the longer you're together. There's hope out there for all of us wanting a love that lasts forever! There's also hope for Leonardo as Hollywood isn't likely to run out of new sexy blondes trying to make a name for themselves any time soon.

Until next time, it's Counselor Kelli with your weekly love injection.


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