Are Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Headed for the Altar Or A Split?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have gone from Hollywood's "hot new couple" into their next stage... but what exactly is this stage and where are their headed? Are these two each other's rebounds or soulmates?

Let's analyze. First of all, both are true romantics. They both married young and their little black books read more like short stories than novels. Gwen famously said that she's only ever had two boyfriends! Meanwhile, Blake has married every girl he's had a major relationship with! So regardless of what we think - we're pretty sure that neither Blake nor Gwen is taking this relationship lightly or looking at it as a rebound.

That said, Blake has some red flags in his past. At 39, he already has two ex wives, and he left one for the other. In case you're not caught up on Blake's lovelife pre-Miranda Lambert, he was married to his manager Kaynette Williams for three years before a duet with Miranda that changed everything. So while he's quick to commit, he does have a history of a wandering eye.


So what's our official forecast for this relationship? We don't think it's a fling or a rebound. Based on both of their histories, we do think they will get married. Neither has shied away from marriage in the past. Whether that marriage will last could be another question. If someone strays, cheats, or otherwise disappoints - our bet is that it would be Blake. If someone's going to get hurt, we think it will be Gwen. But we also think Gwen is calling the shots here, and will be the more level-headed person going into a marriage. She has more to lose, with three kids involved.


At CRI, we're romantics at heart and we really like both Gwen and Blake individually and as a couple. We want them to be together forever, but in our professional opinion - they will get married. But they also will split later on. We give this relationship an expiration date of 2020 - four years from now. Don't be too sad though. They still have plenty of good times ahead!



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