Are Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Still Seeing Each Other?

It wasn't long ago that these two seemed inseparable, with plenty of PDA everywhere they went. A couple months later, we haven't seen Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin together, and we're not sure where they stand.

A source close to Hailey is attempting to clear that up for us though - telling E! News, "Hailey is not dating anyone at this time, just hanging out with her friends and working." The source conitnued, "Bieber and Hailey are still close friends, but he is on tour and extremely busy now, so they have not seen each other that much. Bieber and Hailey love each other, but have a good understanding where they both stand at the moment."

Hailey has confirmed previously that the relationship is not exclusive, due to distance. However, there's no doubt that they're both invested. In the GQ March cover story, Beiber said, "She's someone I really love... We spend a lot of time together."

Strong words coming from such a complicated couple! Stay tuned.



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