Are Kylie & Tyga Back On?

After a public and dramatic break up, we have evidence that suggests that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are back on for the time being - and not without a scandal surrounding them!

Tyga posted a photo of Kylie on his bed with the caption, "they always come back." Oh, snap! He quickly deleted it after posting. Come on, Kylie - what about PartyNextDoor?!

The next development in this ongoing relationship saga is when the pair was spotted together driving in Kylie's car. You two didn't think you could sneak a date night past us, did you??

These two are SO back on!

We don't think they're going to last longterm, but we were a little taken off guard when they broke up, seemingly for good. We predict that we'll be seeing them together throughout the summer, until things fizzle out for good in the fall. They definitely have to break up before Rob and Chyna's wedding, right?? Otherwise that is going to be one awkward family reunion!


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