Are Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Dating? Should They Be?

Rumors have surrounded Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna for a long time, and they've been spotted together yet again at Coachella. So are they dating? Here's what we know.

The pair did not arrive together, but clearly found their way to each other. We have our first ever clear picture of the two together. But E! News sources say that the two are not a couple, and we believe them. They could be friends that flirt once in awhile, there's no relationship here.

Leo has plenty of close female friends in the entertainment industry - like Kate Winslet for example. Leo would be an unusual choice for Rihanna based on her little black book, and Rihanna would also be an unusual choice for Leo based on his. Blonde models are his type and we've seen him persue them again and again. 

So even though it seems like he's persuing Rihanna - the fact that we have so few images or evidence makes us think that this is a relationship made up by the media. They're just friends, and they should probably stay that way. Dating would be a media circus (it already is!) and we project that a relationship wouldn't last long.


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