VIDEO: Things Aren't All Rosy on "The Bachelor"

Bye Felicia! And Jennifer. And Olivia. And Leah. And Lauren H. What are you doing to us, Ben?!

Ben Higgins (and his producers) are certainly keeping things interesting in this drama-filled season of The Bachelor

In this week's emotional episode, he sent home four girls - starting with Jennifer. We hadn't heard much from Jennifer on the show, so it wasn't surprising to see her go. But I, for one, found it shocking when he eliminated one of his frontrunners - Olivia - on the dreaded two-on-one date. After recieving the first impression rose, the (overly) confident news anchor even snagged the rose at the most recent cocktail party before her elimination.

The breakup might not have been quite as juicy as some viewers hoped - perhaps because Olivia was clearly completely blindsided by Ben's decision. But the photography made up for that... panoramic shots show Olivia crying alone on an island while Ben and twin Emily depart on a boat.

Another contestant who we haven't heard much from until now, Leah, took it upon herself to take down Lauren B. - a move that left Lauren in tears but so far hasn't seemed to affect her chances. It did, however, seem to change Leah's standing in Ben's eyes. After she was not chosen for the one-on-one, she snuck into Ben's room - which proved to be a mistake because he eliminated her.

And as if that wasn't enough drama for one show - Ben eliminated Lauren H. at a second rose ceremony.

So now we are down to six ladies and only one remaining Lauren. At this elimination rate, we will be done with the season in two weeks! Next Monday can't come soon enough. 


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