Bachelorette Predictions: Our Frontrunners For JoJo Fletcher


Before last night's season premiere of The Bachelorette, we chose a frontrunner for JoJo Fletcher strictly based on his bio. That frontrunner was Derek, and we had plenty of reasons to believe they'd be a good fit together.

After watching the two hour season premiere - in which many of the contestants got drunk or proved to be otherwise undateable - we're still standing by Derek. He seems like the most normal one in the bunch - but we also have a few other guys to add to our list.

The options are admittedly slim for Jojo... there's definitely more bad than good in this bunch. The other standout of the evening was Jordan, who is Aaron Rodger's little brother. He got the first impression rose, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything because it was probably stipulated in his contract or something. (Sorry, we can be SUCH pessimists around here at CRI!) Still... Jordan managed to behave better than most of the men, and we're sure that producers will keep him around at least though the hometown dates to capitalize on his famous family.

We didn't mind Robby or Chad in the first episode, but previews indicate that drama is ahead for those two, which of course makes us like them less.

We're concerned that we didn't see Derek in any of these previews! So here's our official analysis after episode 1: Derek is still our favorite. Jordan is the only other serious contender in this thing and he will probably make it the farthest. That said - we're not convinced at all that JoJo actually gets engaged at the end of this. Her Good Morning America appearence was not exactly reassuring.