Back to Bayside! How the Cast Coupled Off

We’re going back to Bayside High this #ThrowbackThursday....

No literally. There’s a "Saved by the Bell" pop-up bar and diner coming to Chicago that’s a replica of “The Max!”


Which made us to wonder - who did Kelly Kapowski end up with in real life? Well... believe it or not, Tiffani Thiessen has already been married for over a decade and has two kids with actor Brady Smith. Based on their Christmas card, we can report that they're every bit as cute as we hoped Kelly's family would be.

So where does that leave Zack and Slater? Well, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a parent too, and doing the same thing that all the other parents on planet earth are doing.... going to see Frozen on Ice. And are you ready to feel really, really old? He has two kids with his first wife, Lisa Ann Russell, whom he married 20 years ago! That's so long ago, that he legitimately could have proposed by calling her on Zack Morris' phone.

Now, he's married to the gorgeous Catriona McGinn. They have two children together as well. So while he was once "saved by the bell," the bell is probably the most hectic time of the day for him because all of his kids come home.


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Sometimes life mimics art... and when it comes to Mario Lopez being a playboy, that was certainly true. In 2004 he married Ali Landry and couldn't even make it to the wedding day without cheating on her. He reportedly cheated days before the wedding, and the marriage was annulled two weeks later. Now - years later - he's finally seemed to have found happiness with his wife since 2012 Courtney Laine Mazza, who's best known for being a Broadway dancer.


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Jessie Spano DID NOT marry a nerd. Elizabeth Berkley did indeed grow out of her awkward phase and go on to marry the very sexy artist and actor Greg Lauren with whom she has one son. We wonder if that made her so excited or so scared?


Not all of the cast members have lived happily ever after.... Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, has been married three times. Her most recent and current marriage is with Jimmy Green, whom she married in a Las Vegas wedding. She filed for divorce six months later. Her mother has a restraining order against him.


And of course, we saved the best for last - Screech. Dustin Diamond is engaged to professional clown named Amanda Schutz, who also goes by Loli Pop the Clown. The two were arrested for a bar fight stabbing on Christmas Day of 2014.


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