Beautiful Teen Seduced By Floyd Mayweather Jr's Knockout Lifestyle

What could make a beautiful 19 year old from the UK want to travel the United States with a 38 year old man that has seven assault charges from five different women?

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From the looks of her Instagram, it's the trips on private jets and luxuries the undefeated boxers $150,000,000 a year salary can buy. 

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Apparently money can buy you love. Maywhether met his 19 year old fling while she was working at the New Look shop in the United Kingdom.  Then, her life changed completely as he whisked her away in his private jet and brought her to the United States.  Ramarni Ball has made her relationship with Maywhether very public posting photos of the two having fun together all over her Instagram page. 

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Let's hope for her sake that he treats her better than he did the mother of one of his children with a car door, before punching her several times in the face. 


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