Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Have Some Awkward Days Ahead of Them

Everyone has been praising Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for putting their children first, even as their marriage crumbles. They continue to speak highly of each other, they're frequently spotted in public together, and they even still live under one roof.

But this can't go on forever. So what lies ahead for this pair?

Unfortunately, we think the current arrangement will get awkward sooner rather than later. Someone will move on eventually - and we suspect it will be Ben.

So how do things work then? He'll have to move out of the house sometime. We admire their efforts to put the kids first and keep the family together - however, this doesn't eliminate the hurt and the awkwardness... it will only delay it.

The kids are going to be so confused when this thing breaks up! Here's our official relationship forecast:


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