Who Wore Him Better?


Ben Affleck: Who Wore Him Better?

Some of Ben Affleck's happiest times have been spent with a beautiful Jen by his side. Ben & Jen seemed so meant to be... both of them in fact!

First we thought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had to be the best couple of all time, but then he found Jennifer Garner and we loved that couple just as much.

But the most important question is, of course, which Jen wore Ben better?

Jennifer Garner paired her Affleck with a stunning red gown, sparkling bracelet and clutch, and a sweet and comfortable relationship. This picture makes us sad because it bring us back to happier times for this pair. Ben is looking handsome and stylish in a traditional black suit.

Jennifer Lopez dressed her Affleck in what could possibly be the exact same black suit. She paired him with one of her most iconic looks - a white one shouldered gown. Also to be noted is their mutual looks of disenchantment. They must have been in a fight on this particular evening, because every single picture looks like this. Still, we miss these two together and suddenly have the urge to re-watch the "Jenny From The Block" music video.

So which Jen reigns supreme in this round of "Who Wore Him Better?" Vote at the top of the page!


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