Do you think Ben is fronting the cash for Christine's lavish lifestyle?


Ben Affleck's Nanny Drama: Who's Paying Christine Ouzounian's Bills?

By Jason Marshall


Two weeks after calling the cheating allegations against him "garbage," Ben Affleck still finds himself under the microscope.

Reports from two different media outlets claim to have confirmed - and oftentimes conflicting - information about the actor's relationship with former nanny Christine Ouzounian

From an extended stay at the extravagant Hotel Bel-Air to a private jet-scapade with Tom Brady and her recent Instagram post showing off a brand new Lexus, both stories revolve around whether or not Affleck is funding Ouzounian's newfound infamy. 

TMZ is under the impression - from "people very close to the situation" - that Ben has nothing to do with Christine.

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They were friends, the story adds, but only friends of an appropriate nature. The actor has had "absolutely no contact" with Ouzounian for an unwritten about amount of time. 

Contrary to that information, InTouch has gone on the record with claims that, in addition to paying for the hotel suite and the car, Affleck has started fronting the cash for her newly aquired, $10,000-per-month Los Angeles home. 

“Christine can’t afford a $50,000 car and a home that rents for $10,000 a month — she was making a nanny’s salary,” says their source - allegedly a friend of Christine's. “You do the math.”

You do the math indeed! 

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ICYMI: Following the June 30th announcement that Affleck and Jennifer Garner were divorcing, Ouzounian allegedly had private conversations with friends in which she confirmed that she and the Batman v Superman star had slept together. 

The 28-year-old used to care for Ben and Garner's three children. 



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