Who Will Ben Choose?


Ben Higgins' Mom Reveals Which Girl She Wants Him To Choose

Moms are supposed to be neutral, right? NOPE!

Next week on The Bachelor, Ben Higgins will bring his remaining two girls home to meet the parents. In a new preview clip of next week's episode, Ben's mom reveals who she would choose for him. So who does she prefer - Lauren or Jojo? She says Jojo.

Well, that validation is great if he does indeed choose Jojo, but how awkward will family reunions be if he picks Lauren?

In the clip she says "You know Jojo is way more my style. Just because you referred to her as 'the first person who will reassure me, tell me it's going to be okay.' And that for me was really all I needed to hear."

Well good, mom. Because that's what this show is about is making sure Benny boy picks someone you like! In defense of mom though - she wants to steer Ben toward the best possible decision, and she has a limited time to do so.

She drives her point home even further in her interview with producers, saying, "If I had to pick for Ben... I mean, if the decision was mine... I'm sorry. It has nothing to do with anything personal towards either girl, but if I was to make that decision for Ben today... If it depended on me, I would pick Jojo."

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