Happy B'Day! Beyoncé Is 34 ... and More Flawless Than Ever!

By Johnny Lopez

She woke up like this!

Ok, not exactly, but there's no denying birthday girl Beyoncé looks better at 34 than she ever did.

Here's the Carmen: A Hip Hopera star showing off her luxurious blonde weave and impeccable complexion in NYC earlier this year (left) -- and the 18-year-old (EIGHTEEN!!) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Destiny's Child frontwoman in full face at the Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross concert back in 2000 (right). 

It's amazing what disbanding a popular girl group, going solo, marrying a rap mogul, making a baby and reinventing the music industry's business model can do for a gal.

Beyonce, can you handle it? I don't think they can handle it!

Happy B'day, Queen!



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