Beyonce & Jay Z: Will Their Marriage Survive The Scandal?

Will Beyonce and Jay Z last? This seems to be the question on everyone's minds after the Lemonade fiasco and Becky rumors.

They've put up a united front... and what might be the strangest thing of all is the fact that this media circus was started by Beyonce herself.

It's all pretty puzzling and hard to sort through. We imagine that this hasn't been one of the easlier weeks of their lives. But that said - our analysis might surprise you.

We think they will stay togeher. Our reasoning? They been together for a long time - and if the Solange elevator freak out of 2014 really was related to this, then they've been dealing with this stuff for a long time already. That was two years ago if you can believe it!

Some couples make it through infidelity and public scandal, and we think this couple will be one of them.


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