Blake Shelton Opens Up About Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton is opening up about breakups and divorce in his very candid new album. The album is appropriately named - If I'm Honest.

He didn't mention his ex Miranda Lambert by name, but in a conerversation with iHeartRadio, he talked about the tune, "I Bet You Still Think About Me."

"It's basically what it sounds like," he explained. "At some point whether you go through a divorce or a breakup or whatever, once you get past the anger and the frustration of it all, you kind of go into the sad part of it where it's just like, 'Gosh, how come that didn't work out?'" And that's what this song is about. Even though stuff didn't work out, I bet you miss me a little bit. It's a sad song."

Hearing Blake's candid words makes us like him even more!



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