Who Wore Him Better?


Blake Shelton: Who Wore Him Better

Blake Shelton has had multiple beautiful women over the years... and only one outfit.

We searched red carpet after red carpet, and Blake is wearing jeans, a black shirt, a black sport coat, AND THESE EXACT SAME SHOES in pretty much every picture out there. Good thing he usually has a beautiful blonde to distract us from this fact.

So who wore him better - current girlfriend Gwen Stefani or ex-wife Miranda Lambert?

Gwen paired her Shelton with a stunning red all-over sheer Yanina Couture gown. And what goes best with a new girlfriend in couture? These brown shoes! Obviously!

Miranda paired her Shelton with a black fitted dress with weird pink straps, and - THESE SHOES AGAIN! And also - this weird shiny black vest.

Blake is kind of a fashion emergency, but no matter how redundant and clashing his outfits are, he always looks happy when he's been photographed with either of his loves.

We're giving this one to Gwen because -

1.) The dress... I mean, come on.

2.) No weird black vest

3.) They always look so happy


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