Who Wore Him Better?


Brad Pitt: Who Wore Him Better?

Any outfit looks good when you're wearing Brad Pitt. But who looks the best on his arm??

Let's break it down: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston... the present wife versus the ex-wife.

"Who Wore Him Better" is a complex concept... there's a lot to consider! The ladies' outfits, the guy's outfit, and then just generally how happy they look. And THIS one is a minefield... because everyone has an opinion on Jen vs. Angie.

Angie has paired Brad with a stunning champagne beaded gown, glamour and sophistication, an unusually bad hair day, and a tone of inexplicable constant seriousness.

Jen has paired Brad with a more casual-looking gold leaf-patterned dress, gorgeous beachy waves, a sun-kissed glow, and a casual, comfortable vibe.

So who wore him better? Vote in our poll at the top of the page.

This one's a close call.... but we really, REALLY like Angie's dress!!


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