Who Wore Him Better?


Brody Jenner: Who Wore Him Better?

Brody Jenner's recent engagement to Kaitlynn Carter got us thinking about his many, many famous ex-girlfriends. He's been in the public eye much longer than the rest of his famous siblings. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when the names "Kendall Jenner," "Kylie Jenner," and "Kim Kardashian" meant nothing to the public, but everyone knew Brody!

We've watched his love life play out over the last decade... and we've seen many, many of his relationships evolve - from Avril Lavigne, to Playboy's Jade Nicole, to Paris Hilton.

But we're taking it back even further than that! You may remember that he dated Lauren Conrad, but do you remember that - before her - he dated her reality TV rival Kristin Cavallari?

So who wore him better?

Lauren paired her Jenner with a cute floral frock, black spiky heels, and what appears to be a spray tan.

Kristin paired her Jenner with this weird dress that manages to look both dated and futuristic all at the same time.

Lauren dressed her Jenner up, while Kristin dressed her Jenner down.

So who wore him better? Vote at the top of the page!


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