Calvin Harris Has Made Things Instagram Official with Taylor Swift

By Jason Marshall


We have PDA people! 

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are on like Donkey Kong and they've begun forcing their love upon the rest of.

Now, it wouldn't have been the 4th of July without BBQ and some fun in the sun, but Ms. Swift threw one hell of a party at her Hamptons estate over the weekend - complete with special guests Ed Sheeran, Lena Dunham, ex-bf Joe Jonas, his new gf Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne and Selena Gomez.

The story here, though, is how Calvin went on Instagram and, for the first time, gushed publicly over his girlfriend - the chef - to his millions of followers. 

Captioned, "She cooks too," it appears even hot-bodied DJ's have a heart in their stomach.

Grilled sweet potatoes and brussell sprouts aside (Where's the meat?!?), it's pretty adorable that Calvin's first gram of Taylor holds her on such a high pedastal. 

But, however sweet his social media moment was, Taylor had a different idea and reminded us all that we are to be jealous of her constantly.

... did we mention that Calvin is still serving up more body than any normal human being could possibly handle?

Anyway, it was clearly a fun day in the Hamptons and the follow-up album will surely open our ears to what went down once the sun set on Swift's hot Holiday weekend. 

#KeepItInYourPantsYouTwo #GetARoom


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