Video: Camille Grammer Has a 'Terrible' Relationship with Ex-Husband Kelsey

By Jason Marshall


It shouldn't come as a surprise to fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Camille Grammer has once again gone on the record in saying that she and ex-husband Kelsey Grammer aren't on the friendliest of terms. 

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On Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Camille told host Andy Cohen that Kelsey's parenting skills with their two kids leaves much to be desired.  

"There is [no relationship between us]," she admitted.

"He still refuses to talk to me regarding the kids... It’s very difficult on the children. It’s terrible."

In case you're out of the reality loop... the former couple was married for thirteen years from 1997 until 2010 and briefly appeared together on the debut season of the Los Angeles iteration of Bravo's most talked about series. Since then, the Frasier star has gone on to marry Kayte Walsh, the flight attendant Camille's implied he had an affair with (Walsh and Kelsey announced their first pregnancy together a month after divorce papers were filed).

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What's good for the Lady Grammer, though, is that she's found herself an Italian boyfriend who can help pick up the slack.



It's a huge step forward for the reality star, especially considering her last relationship post-Kelsey ended with restraining orders and accusations of domestic violence



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