Candace Cameron Bure's Husband Got Her The Gift She's Wanted Since Age 10!

Candace Cameron Bure has already gotten a lot of things this year that most people can only hope for in one lifetime! She's starring on Fuller House, the spinoff series of the show that defined her childhood, she's a regular host on The View, and her career has never looked better!

But there's something she's been wanting since she was a little girl - and for her 40th birthday, her husband fulfilled that dream.

She posted a shot of the gift on Instagram, saying, "My thoughtful husband bought me the earrings I've admired and wanted since I was 10 years old for my big 4-0! Tiffany gold mesh earrings. Thank you, baby. I'm so grateful and blessed."

The Tiffany earrings that Valeri Bure bought for his wife retail for $2,100. And they're the icing on the cake after a spectacular 39th year for Candace!



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