Celebrities Dating Online

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe right, damn, she's hot. Wait, isn't that... no way, yes, it's Lindsay Lohan!

Don't be surprised if the next eligible man or woman popping up on your Tinder screen is actually a celebrity. Plenty of stars have turned to online dating to find love. We're going to cover which celebrities are on which dating sites, and which site is best for you.

Tinder has become the largest online dating app making twelve million matches per day. A Tinder account is linked to your Facebook profile. You are matched to other users based on location, mutual friends, and common interests. Once a match pops onto your screen, you swipe left for no, or right for yes. If you and your match both swipe right, you're then open to communicate. Tinder, often referred to as "the hook up site," now seems to be taking over the online dating world. Stars like Chelsea Handler, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, and Lindsay Lohan have all used the site.

Match.com is my personal favorite site because this is where I met my husband! Three babies later, it's safe to say that it worked! Many stars that use online dating sites create a profile using a fake name and photo so that they can find someone that's into them for more than just their celebrity status.  

A few celebrities have also said they want to meet a "normal person," so while they use a fake name and photo, they list their real interests and hope to meet someone special this way.  

With Match.com, after creating a profile with photos and interests, it's basically like shopping for a pair of shoes. You scroll through page after page of matches until you find just what you're looking for. Stars that have used Match.com include Joan Rivers, Martha Stewart, Ricki Lake and even Mariah Carey.

Adele actually signed up for Eharmony to help her get over an ex-boyfriend she admitted in her memoir, Adele: The Biography. Can you imagine showing up for a blind date and seeing Adele there waiting for you!? With Eharmony you create a profile and are asked multiple questions so they can connect you with ideal matches. Each day you are sent new matches to connect with. Unlike Match where you're able to scroll through other members photos, on Eharmony you're matched with other members based on personality. At that point you can connect with your matches. 

If these dating sites aren't exactly what your looking for, you can get more specific by logging onto a more personalized dating site. JDate if you're Jewish where you could find Ricki Lake or Luke Greenfield. Or, if you're loaded, MillionaireMatch.com may be the right fit where you could run into Matthew Perry.

Then, there's the dating site that has created the best commercial of the century; Farmersonly.com. Yes, this site is for real, and yes you MUST watch the commercial.

You're welcome, this song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Now it's time to pick your site, log in, and find love. Good luck!

Until next time, it's Counselor Kelli for your CRI weekly love injection.


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