Celebrity Advice - Do Not Hire A Hot Nanny!

Husbands in Hollywood can't seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar when it comes to their children's nannies.  Our advice to all celebrity Mamas out there; do not hire a good looking nanny! 


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Ben Affleck's former nanny Christine Ouzounian pictured above. We can't help but question what Jennifer Garner was thinking when she hired this gorgeous nanny nearly half her age. Obviously, it was Afflecks fault for cheating, but come on!

We don't want to see any couples break up, but we really HATE to see a beautiful family with children torn apart because of an affair with the nanny!

Gavin Rossdale also couldn't keep his hands off nanny Mindy Mann.  This has to be the ultimate betrayal for Gwen Stefani who let Mindy Mann into her family's life and trusted Mann with her children.  Stefani even gave Mann her clothes once she was done with them.  This is a wardrobe we would love to get our hands on!

E! News reported that Gwen found naked pictures of Mindy on Gavin's ipad and even found messages about the two meeting up to have sex.  Ugh!  Not a fan of Rossdale or the nanny after this!

Who in the world would cheat on the beautiful Sienna Miller?


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None other than Jude Law who couldn't keep his hands off babysitter Daisy Wright.


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 Sienna Miller actually forgave Law and took him back after the affair.  Jude Law's response; he told Britain's Daily Mail that "women like bad boys.  He said that being a good boy never really worked for him".  

The reunited couple didn't stay happy for long though, once the nanny published a diary with the details of the affair, Miller quickly split from Law.  Guess the being a bad boy didn't pay off this time Mr. Law!

Ethan Hawke took things one step further than our other celebrities by actually marrying the family nanny after ending his marriage with Uma Thurman!  To this day Hawke claims that the nanny had nothing to do with his divorce with Thurman.

No celebrity has faced more heat for alleged infidelity than Rob Lowe, who's faced numerous lawsuits from former babysitters Jessica Gibson and Laura Boyce.


Click to read the full story from Fox News on Rob Lowe and Jessica Gibson.

 It's a crazy world out there; husbands keep your hands off the nanny and wives, never hire a hot nanny!