Serial Dater Chelsea Handler Talks Men, Trashes Valentine's Day

By Jason Marshall


Chelsea Handler's been known for her love life and relationships since she split the sides of anyone who bought her 2005 book, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands.

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Well... the late night host is still talking about men more than 10 years later, as she prepares to debut her new Netflix docuseries Chelsea Does...

In a new interview with Glamour, Chelsea gets real about where she's at now and assures fans that she's in a good spot relationship-wise. 

"Great guys exist," she says frankly. "They may not be in the package you think you like, and they may not come when you feel you deserve them the most, but they’re there. I believe it. You should too. Because now I’m with someone who makes me grow every day. His name is Netflix."



And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, the 40-year-old has some words of wisdom for anyone caught up in the hype of it all. 

"If you don’t receive an engagement ring or whatever grand gesture you’re hoping for on this very commercialized holiday, be a grown-up and get over it," advises Chelsea. "Our idealism about Valentine’s Day is, at the very least, embarrassing and a general reflection of some bad romantic comedy we saw starring Jennifer Love Hewitt Lopez (I combine the two because, well, frankly, they deserve it)."

"The most romantic V-Day I had was when my boyfriend wrote me a book about every trip we’d been on," she continues. "There were pictures of us, with love poems and prose about how much I’d changed his life. We broke up when I found out I wasn’t the only person he was writing poems to. So: Beware of things that rhyme. They usually rhyme with more than one thing."

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You can catch Handler's search for the truth about life when her four-part documentary series (Chelsea Does...) debuts on Netflix January 23rd.



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