Comedic Couple Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele Are Engaged

By Jason Marshall


File this one under... when comedians decide to get married. 

In case you missed it through your Turkey-induced haze over the long weekend, we're here to report that Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele have gotten engaged. 

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A part of us wants to believe this might be a massive joke on behalf of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and her Key & Peele lover, all while the other part is jumping up and down in fits of joy and laughter. 

Peretti is, after all, the kind of woman who would throw a book signing for herself before she's actually written a book

The proof, though, has come in the Twitter pudding.

Both actors tweeted at the same time on Saturday afternoon with the diamond ring emoji place holding for an actual piece of engagement jewelry. 



Mindy Kaling was even moved enough to speak up for her friends saying in reply, "congratulations, you two. You are such a cool couple."

According to Dish Nation, the funny duo has been dating since 2013 and owe every single day of their love to Chelsea's costar, Andy Samberg

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Andy and Chelsea go way, way back so not only are they really close, but he’s always interested in who she’s dating,” said an insider close to Samberg back in 2014.

“As soon as Andy learned that Jordan expressed an interest in Chelsea he was on it. Andy knew this was a great match so he made it very simple – he told Chelsea that Jordan was a good man and she needed to give him a shot. Before you knew it, the two of them were hooking up and now they’re inseparable.”

Our congratulations will go out to the happy couple if, and only if, we get an invitation to Peretti's next family talent show. 



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