Chris Martin Moves On From J.Law with Annabelle Wallis

By Jason Marshall


From breaking up to hooking up, it's starting to get really hard keeping tabs on who Chris Martin is dating these days. 

Hours after reports began percolating online that the Coldplay frontman had ended things with Jennifer Lawrence, even more "sources" told various other news outlets that he'd already started seeing actress Annabelle Wallis

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It seems that Martin and the Peaky Blinders star were spotted having a romantic-looking dinner in Brooklyn recently.

From long gazes into each others eyes to Martin actually putting his arm around Wallis, onlookers described what they saw as "very clearly" two people consciously coupling up. 

And, in case you're wondering, Chris is eight years Annabelle's senior. 

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Take all of this gossip for what it is, because odds are even more of it is yet to come. No joke, Chris Martin has played a very coy dating game since splitting from his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow

For what it's worth, J.Law had a pretty kickass birthday sans Martin recently. Just ask Kris Jenner



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