Coco And Ice-T Take Their First Family Vacation With Baby Chanel!


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Chanel clearly takes after her mama... she travels in style!

Coco posted an adorable family picture with Chanel and Ice-T, captioned "1st family vacation for Chanel..Guess where we are?"

It's obviously somewhere fabulous and warm! Fans are guessing it's Trinidad, Cannes, Croatia or Cuba. Maybe even Hawaii? Who knows!

Coco hasn't confirmed yet, but she did post another photo of her stylish little traveler, saying that Chanel's suitcase is full of island gear.


A photo posted by Coco (@coco) on

And finally - what vacation would be complete without an elaborate matching manicure and pedicure complete with palm trees?!


A photo posted by Coco (@coco) on

We hope this cute family has a great time - and that they post more pictures!


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