Coco Austin's Newborn Chanel Nicole is Already Rocking Pearls

By Jason Marshall


Since her birth 29 days ago, Chanel Nicole Marrow has found herslef a robust, 50,000 follower-deep social media following and stolen our hearts at the same time. 

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Well, be prepared to meet a new side of the 1-month-old... Little Miss Sassy Pants

Coco Austin took to Instagram Sunday and shared two new snapshots of her firstborn. And let us just tell you, the little nugget already knows how to accessorize like a boss. 


Source: Coco Austin / Instagram


The 36-year-old mom captioned the photo on the left, "My baby's clothes still don't fit her but she still a ball full of cuteness" and followed it with the one on the right along with the aforementioned moniker. 

Baby Chanel also hysterically shared her own version of each photo from her own perspective, which is just a tad more opinionated than here mom's were. 

"Mom is always dressing me up like a doll even though my clothes still don't fit too well.I would probably would like it more if I wasn't always sleeping."

We're thinking the sleeping actually helps with all of the photo taking, because the only other option at that age is crying. 

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And just for fun, take a gander at Coco's baby bump before and after she gave birth... the results are other worldly.



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