Coco Austin's Sexy Pregnancy Fashion Is Just How She 'Rolls'

By Jason Marshall


Watch out Kim Kardashian, Coco Austin is coming for your gig as the go-to name in sexy, stylish (and unique) maternity wear.

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The reality starlet and model took to Twitter Monday, covering up her baby bump in after-Labor Day white leggings and a semi-sheer, cleavage-baring ombré top. 

And we're thinking Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn would kill someone to get into those tennis shoe-inspired heels. 

Coco Austin, wife to rapper-actor Ice-T, is currently 7 months along with her first child - a girl. 

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A far cry from Kardashian's floor-length dresses and Kanye's favorite shade of beige, the Ice Loves Coco star is definitely making room for a different kind of expecting mother in Hollywood.  



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