Former Teen Bride Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison, 56, to Renew Vows

By Johnny Lopez


In 2011, at the tender age of 16, Courtney Stodden rose to fame by marrying Doug Hutchison, a twice divorced man who was 51 at the time.

Now that she's 21 and an adult, the surgically enhanced beauty is looking to renew her vows to Hutchison and throw a wedding on her own terms.

"I can finally [plan] it myself, you know, because I was 16 and I had to have it signed [by my parents], so I think finally not having any parents involved and just doing it myself is going to be great," Stodden told Us Weekly at a PETA event this week.


Besides being free of parental supervision, the Car Candy singer is also hoping to up the glam compared to her last turn walking down the aisle.

"I want to do a big thing, because, you know, our first time around we married in Las Vegas next to a Chevron." Fill 'er up!

After initially meeting in an acting workshop, Courtney and Doug married on May 20, 2011.

The newlyweds made headlines for their 35 year age difference, with many branding Hutchison - who had become the manager of her questionable career - a pedophile.

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While Courtney's parents somehow approved of the relationship, the fame-mongering couple did whatever they had to in order to keep their names in the press.

But after two years, their set-up photo shoots, outlandish PDAs & Courtney's racy ensembles proved to be too much. They announced their separation in November 2013.

But with interest waning for them individually, the controversial duo managed to patch up their differences and once again took to the media to announce their reconcilation in August 2014.

While it's unclear when their supposed stylish ceremony will take place, no doubt Courtney's dress will be one for the record books.




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