Did She Or Didn't She Cheat? We're Breaking Down The Taylor Swift Timeline

The Sun has published photos of Taylor Swift kissing Tom Hiddleston on the beach in Rhode Island. So here's some background for you... you probably recognize this guy from The Avengers, Thor, and Midnight in Paris. He's also rumored to be the next James Bond. But right now, he's best known for being, "the guy who Taylor might have cheated on Calvin with."

It seems pretty clear that yes the pair is secretly dating, and what we need to do is lock down a timeline with the sequence of events. The question is, did Taylor cheat, or does she just move on really, really quickly?

Here's what we know about the timeline:

May 1: She was spotted with Tom leaving Anna Wintour's Met Gala party.

May 2: They were spotted dancing together at a Met Gala afterparty.

June 1: Reports come out that Taylor and Calvin have - shockingly - broken up.

So was that the reason for the breakup? Reports seemed to indicated that Calvin was the one to call things off, but was it actually Taylor?

Adding an even crazier twist to the plot, Calvin has deleted all evidence of Taylor on his social media and he apparently believes that she cheated on him. America's sweetheart is crashing and burning here!


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