'CRI' on Dish Nation: Who Doesn't Love a Love Triangle?

By Jason Marshall


From the drama of Chris Brown, Rihanna and Drake to whatever happened between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston... it's clear that people LOVE a good Hollywood love triangle.

And thanks to the folks over at Dish Nation, we have a New Year's treat for you that'll help fill the void left by the sudden lack of everything 2015. 

Play along with the latest game from CRI in the video below only if you think your pop culture know-how is better than Kellie Rasberry's, Big Al Mack's or Jenna Page Owens': 



But if you aren't up to snuff... what're you waiting for? 

Take a deep dive into CRI's always-updating couples database (available in the "celebs" and "couples" tabs up top) at your own risk. 

Happy New Year!



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