Emily Blunt Is Not a Fan of John Krasinski's New Body

By Jason Marshall


While the rest of the nation's busy admiring John Krasinski's hot new (cover-worthy) body, his wife isn't as thrilled with the transformation. 

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In an interview with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, John opened up about what it took to look like a soldier in Hillary Clinton's nightmare the new war drama 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

"I looked that in The Office," jokes the 36-year-old actor when provided with a still image of his shirtless scene from the movie. "You just didn't see it much."


Source: CBS / The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


All kidding aside, even skinny guys have to work to get the kind of definition that's made Chris Pratt a household name. 

"And it's real work, too. I thought it would be like, 'Yeah, let's eat a couple Power Bars and do push-ups.' And he was like, 'No. It's going to be a living hell for six to eight weeks.' We went two sessions a day with my trainer, Jason Walsh. He's amazing. He did Bradley Cooper in American Sniper and all these great people."

Krasinski elaborates more about what workouts with Walsh were like, saying "two-a-days, pulling sleds, pushing weights" were the norm.

"I was like, 'What about these bicep curls?' He was like, 'No, it's so much harder than that.' Like, 'You have to do 80 push-ups by tomorrow.'"

But it seems all of that time spent in the gym might've been better spent focusing on his wife's [Emily Blunt] wants and needs. 

"She hates it," he said of Blunt's opinion on the newly minted six-pack. "She would way prefer to have doughy guy back."

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You can watch more of the interview - including a fun run-down of how Krasinski and Blunt first met - below:




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