Eva Longoria's Ex-Husband, Tony Parker, Is Expecting His Second Child

By Jason Marshall


It's a happy day for Tony Parker!

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The NBA player and his wife, Axelle Francine, are expecting their second child together. We know this, for certain, because Parker revealed the news himself on a radio show he hosts in France.

What's more, the 33-year-old told his listeners what the sex of the baby is.  

“Before starting, I have some news to announce,” Tony started his broadcast. "My wife is pregnant and our first son Josh is going to have a little brother. It’s due to happen in July.”


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#ICYMI: Parker and Francine have been together since 2011. They got engaged in 2013 and were married a year later, several months following the birth of Josh, in August 2014. Of course, this all happened after Tony's failed marriage to Eva Longoria - which lasted from 2007 until several sets of cheating rumors led to their divorce in 2011. It's been widely assumed that Longoria discoverd an affair the basketball player had been having with Erin Barry, the wife of Tony's former teammate Brent Barry.

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And for those of you who don't live in earshot of French radio, the San Antonio Spurs Point guard also shared the news on his Twitter account.



Our congratulations go out to the happy couple!



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