Everybody's Talking About Oprah's Wedding Gift To Viola & Julius

What did Oprah get Viola Davis and Julius Tennon for their big day? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Viola talked about the festivities, which took place over Valentine's Day weekened. There were 137 people in attendence at the event, which was complete with a signature cocktail (mango juice and tequila), and plenty of famous guests all dressed in white.

Oprah came with her partner Stedman Graham, and reportedly got no special attention from the bride. Maybe that's why she didn't give a gift??

In Oprah's defense - it wasn't technically a wedding, but rather a vow renewal. Viola and Julius have had three different weddings. Even if you do consider their latest celebration a "wedding," etiquette says that Oprah has a full year to get the couple a gift!


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