Gay Men Women Can't Help But Lust Over

Ladies, have you ever thought, "all the good ones are gay"? Okay, so not ALL the good ones are gay, but there are definitely a significant amount of Hollywood hotties who have come out.   

#1 Lance Bass

In the late 90s, Lance Bass of *NSYNC was one of the most wanted men in the world. Women everywhere screamed his name at concerts, hung his poster on their wall, and scribbled their first name with Bass behind it.


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Lance Bass is now married to Michael Turchin and the two make one of the best looking couples in Hollywood. Sorry ladies!

#2 Matt Bomer

While this White Collar hottie never hid his sexuality, he also didn't speak openly about it. So while many women were fantasizing about their own starring role along side him in 50 Shades of Grey, they never stood a chance.

Matt Bomer has been with partner Simon Halls since 2004.

#3 Wentworth Miller

Hard to ignore a face like this while watching Prison Break. After denying being gay until he was in his 40s, it's hard to imagine how many women's hearts broke lusting over this uber sexy man.


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#4 Neil Patrick Harris

Now we are taking it all the way back to the 80s when many little girls had their first doctor crush on Dougie Houser M.D.


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#5 Ricky Martin

When Ricky Martin came out in 2010, women were in denial, and gay men everywhere cheered. Martin had to be the sexiest homosexual man on the planet! The way he danced and groomed himself, all of us ladies should have known! With this one, even knowing the Latin heartthrob is gay, doesn't keep us from crushing a little bit! Just can't help ourselves!


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#6 Don Lemon

CNN news anchor Don Lemon is handsome, well spoken, thoughtful and has a great sense of style. While Lemon's friends and family knew about his sexuality since his twenties, he didn't come out publicly until 2011. Lemon said, "I was afraid of people like Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, who claim to love everyone while simultaneously thinking that everyone’s love isn’t equal".


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