George & Amal Clooney's Long Distance Marriage And Media Fiasco

George and Amal Clooney are having the most manic of all Mondays.

First, Hello Magazine comes out with an exclusive interview with George Clooney, in which he reveals that he and Amal spend most of their marriage apart. In the interview, he is quoted talking about how they cope with long distance.

As if a long distance marriage isn't enough to make Monday a manic day.... why don't you throw a gigantic media fiasco on top of it. You won't believe this one... George is now saying that this entire interview was made up.

That's right! Fabricated quotes and all. So we don't really know how much time George and Amal spend together or apart, but what we do know. George is pissed!!

In a statement, he says, "Hello Magazine has printed an 'EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW' with me that has been widely picked up and reprinted. Outlets like Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, The Sun, and The Evening Standard have all printed my exclusive interview and credited Hello Magazine. The problem is that I have not given an interview to Hello Magazine and the quotes attributed to me are not accurate," he said. "In my experience, being misquoted is not unusual but to have an "exclusive interview" completely fabricated is something new. And a very disturbing trend."

Now THAT is a "Manic Monday" by our standards.


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