George Clooney: Who Wore Him Better?

If you're wondering what to wear alongside George Clooney, a gorgous gown on a red carpet is a safe bet. What can we say, he's a formal dude!

His wife Amal Clooney and his ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler knew this well, and we're pitting them against each other to determine which beauty wore him better.

Amal is a style icon. There are few women who can stand next to George Clooney and manage to upstage him, but she does it time after time. This gorgeous pale yellow, one shouldered gown is one recent example. She holds her own by his side as an equal, while other women in his past seemed to blend into the background when photographed by his side.

Stacy Keibler is certainly making a statement in this gold asymetrical gown. But to be honest - their relationship was forgettable, and so were her red carpet looks during it. The big gold bow on her hip isn't helping.

Amal is a classic beauty - and most importantly - she's George's soulmate. She won his heart and she wins this round without question!




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