Who makes the cuter couple?


Getting to know the First Ladies of the New Hampshire Primary

While Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may be dinner table conversation in homes across America these days, it's the woman sitting across from each of them at their own dinner tables who we're most interested in!

Yes, politicians are celebrities too - and no romance is under a bigger national spotlight right now than the presidential candidates and their wives.

Campaigning can't be easy on a marriage - and surely no one knows that better than Melania Trump and Jane O'Meara Sanders. While they might not agree on anything from social issues to taxes to foreign policy - they probably have a lot in common these days personally, as they take their marriages on a national roadshow around the country.

So what do we know about each of these women and their marriages with these two presidential hopefuls?

Melania Trump is a former supermodel who has been married to The Donald for 11 years. She seems perfectly content to let Donald be the one in the spotlight and has been a bit of a mystery to the public. She's involved with numerous charities. She says that she and her husband discuss his policies together, and while they don't always agree, she always gives him her opinion.

The Sanders have been married for 27 years, and they met the night that Bernie was elected Mayor of Burlington. Numerous publications have reported that Jane's the one calling the shots and has shaped his political career in huge ways. But it can't be easy to keep the romance alive when Bernie's away in Washington, since she never moved with him!

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