Gwen & Blake: How It All Played Out According To Pharrell

Pharrell Williams had a front row (spinning) seat when Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's relationship began to blossom.

In an appearence on The Today Show, he shared a different perspective from what the rest of us have seen. While all we see is smiles, flirtation, romance and fun - he discloses that they were both in a sad place before the romance started - Gwen coming out of her marriage with the father of her children, and Blake on the heels of a divorce with beautiful wife Miranda Lambert. They were both couples we thought would last, and that wasn't the case. But things turned around quickly for both of them.

"It's so beautiful," Pharrell said. "Because being there, I watched the both of them go through a lot you know and you hate to see your friends go through something so heavy and it's kinda like a miracle man, just watching that."

So gald they've found happiness - and that we're along for the ride!


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