'It's Nice to Have Support,' Gwen Stefani Talks Divorce on 'Today'

By Jason Marshall


It's not often that celebrities are asked about their personal lives on live television, but it makes for must see video when it happens. 

Gwen Stefani fell into that camp on Tuesday when Matt Lauer asked about her recent divorce and ensuing breakup anthem, "Used To Love You". 

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The singer, along with her costars Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton, was on Today promoting the current season of NBC's Emmy-winning singing competition - The Voice

After briefly asking Shelton about his own divorce and how it affects things he reads on social media, the host moved onto the No Doubt frontwoman and asked what many fans had been wondering themselves. 

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Is your new song about Gavin Rossdale?

Watch the video below to see her response - which only came after some push and shove from Pharrell:



"What I’ll say about that is that I’ve never put a record out where I’m actually going through things in real time. Like Tragic Kingdom: I wrote that record over a three-year period and then it came out, and then it was, like, two years on tour. It was like this long, drawn out thing. I wrote that song like a couple weeks ago, and then I sat in front of a camera in a dressing room — randomly not making a video, just to do like some video for the screens behind me — and then it went out and it was the video and it’s like all very real. It’s just nice to do music and have support from everybody. I don’t know these people but for whatever [reason] I feel their energy and their love coming back at me and that’s really comforting."

Stefani and Rossdale just settled their divorce yesterday, after filing in early August - 13 years of marriage later. 



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