Gwen Stefani Lets Gavin Rossdale Have It in New Music Video

By Jason Marshall


If words cut deeper than knives, Gwen Stefani just left Gavin Rossdale for dead.

The punk ska princess did a music double whammy this week, first performing a new song entitled "Used To Love You" for a crowd in New York and then releasing an accompanying music video days later for online consumption.

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Becasue of the song's title, a lot of people are assuming the track is directed squarely at Stefani's ex-husband.

She and Rossdale split in August. They have three kids and were married for almost 15 years. 

Watch the heartbreaking video for "Used To Love You" below and see if you can connect the lyrically-inclined dots:



With lyrics like, "I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you" and "I guess nobody taught you how to love," it's hard to wonder who The Voice judge could be talking about, if not Rossdale. 

Before she sang the song to a packed crowd at her surprise concert on Saturday, she said, "I just want to share a song that I wrote recently. This song is really special."  

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It's been almost nine years since the 46-year-old's second solo album, The Sweet Escape. She released two tracks in 2014, "Baby Don't Lie" and "Spark the Fire", but neither helped launch a third album as they were likely meant to. No Doubt reunited in 2012 for their highly anticipated sixth studio album, but Push and Shove failed to ignite anything more than controversy over the potentially racist subject matter of a scrapped music video

Whether or not this new single finally helps Stefani realize a third solo outing, one thing is for certain... she isn't dating Blake Shelton

Speaking on gossip that has made its way online, she recently told Entertainment Tonight that the rumors are "total bullsh*t."



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