He Gave her WHAT!? Most Outrageous Valentine's Gifts

This Valentine's Day, we're just hoping for flowers, candy, and a card, but when you're an A-list celebrity - the bar for Valentine's Day is higher than Bob Marley on a private jet.

When you already have everything - you have to get pretty creative, which is probably where Jay Z's head was at when he bought Beyonce a $24K platinum covered cell phone. To put this in perspective - Beyonce's cell phone costs more than your car.


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Not to be outdone in the expensive, useless and downright bizarre gift category - Angelina Jolie got Brad Pitt a 200-year old olive tree to accessorize the lawn of their french chateau. This gift was reportedly worth $18,500.  Check this pic feaured of Life and Style magazine.

But it's David Beckham who takes the cake here. In what has to be one of the biggest Valentine's day purchases of all time, he got Victoria a Bulgari necklace reportedly worth $8 million. We have to say though - it's a pretty good gift, and definitely beats some old tree.


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