Henry Cavill Is Back On The Market: Who Should He Date Next?

Henry Cavill is easily one of the most handsome men in Hollywood and the 33-year old sort of confused everyone when he started dating 19-year old college student Tara King and then broke her heart. That's SKETCHY, Henry! To quote superman, "There is a right and wrong in the universe and that distinction is not hard to make." Do you remember that quote, Henry? Clearly not.

We're not saying you're forgiven for this misstep, Henry. We're just saying we're going to overlook it for now because you're beautiful.

Regardless of how we feel about the breakup, our job is to find you your next kryptonite.

We want someone equally gorgeous and successful... someone regal who could rule Hollywood by your side. We also wouldn't mind someone a little more age appropriate.

We LOVE the idea of Henry Cavill with Charlize Theron.



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