Here’s How We See Kate Upton And Justin Verlander’s Marriage Playing Out

Kate Upton rarely gets upstaged on the red carpet... but she was upstaged at the Met Gala by her spectacular new engagement ring. (I mean... If you're going to get upstaged, that's a pretty good way for it to happen. Just saying.)

The 23-year old beauty is enagaged to 33-year old Major League Baseball player Justin Verlander, and we are SO excited for them!

But as excited as we may be... our job is to assess their odds. So here are the pros and cons we're looking at.


They've been dating for three years and kept their engagement quiet for awhile. These two aren't looking for publicity. It seems like true love! We're also always encouraged when we see Hollywood starlets who don't go for other Hollywood types. The great thing about baseball players is that - generally - they're waaaay more normal than the guys you're going to find in Hollywood. Furthering this point - Justin told Forbes that his relationship with Kate was more "normal" than you'd think. "Normal" is GOOD for longterm your relationship odds!


Kate is really young. We hope that she's really ready for a lifelong commitment.

So... all that being said, here's where we stand.


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